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The Great Courses

927 courses

Wondrium (formerly The Great Courses) is a series of college-level audio and video courses and documentaries produced and distributed by The Teaching Company, an American company based in Chantilly, Virginia. As of 2015, it had created over 700 courses and sold over 14 million copies.

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365 Data Science

76 courses

Build your career in data science! 365 Data Science online training will help you land your dream job. Learn data science and get the skills you need.

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Blockchain Council

38 courses

Embrace Web3 with a range of certifications offered by the Blockchain Council, designed to suit enthusiasts from all backgrounds. Join our elite community & enjoy network offerings to kickstart your Web3 journey.

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94 courses

Brilliant.org is an American for-profit company and associated community that features problems and courses in mathematics, physics, quantitative finance, and computer science. It operates via a freemium business model.

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Corporate Finance Institute

183 courses

Corporate Finance Institute (CFI) is an online training and education platform for finance and investment professionals, providing courses and certifications in financial modeling, valuation, and other corporate finance topics.

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427 courses

Coursera Inc. is a U.S.-based massive open online course provider founded in 2012 by Stanford University computer science professors Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller. Coursera works with universities and other organizations to offer online courses, certifications, and degrees in a variety of subjects. In 2021 it was estimated that about 150 universities offered more than 4,000 courses through Coursera.

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Creative Live

48 courses

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389 courses

Edureka is an online education platform focused on delivering high-quality learning to working professionals. We have the highest course completion rate in the industry and we strive to create an online ecosystem for our global learners to equip themselves with industry-relevant skills in today’s cutting edge technologies.

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3356 courses

edX is a mission driven organization, committed to transforming traditional education, removing the barriers of cost, location and access. edX offers MOOCs and interactive online classes in subjects including law, history, science, engineering, business, social sciences, computer science, public health, and artificial intelligence (AI).

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798 courses

FutureLearn is a leading social learning platform and has been providing high quality online courses for learners around the world over the last ten years.

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438 courses

GetSmarter, a partner of edX, delivers online education from world-leading universities and institutions to transform the lives of thousands of students across the globe. GetSmarter’s online certificate courses are designed to advance your career and fit in with your busy lifestyle. Each course is expert-led, fully supported and community-based, helping you build career-critical skills.

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IT Governance USA

108 courses

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1524 courses

italki (in English: ) is an online language learning platform which connects language learners and teachers through video chat. The site allows students to find online teachers for 1-on-1 tutoring, and teachers to earn money as freelance tutors. italki is headquartered in Hong Kong, China. One can choose online language lessons taught by a professional teacher, who provides structured learning plans, or a community tutor. Students may also use it as a platform for mutual language exchange.

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120 courses

Get Accurate Prep That Simulates Your Real Assessment Test. Since 1992, our sole mission is ensuring you get the most accurate and realistic test prep on the web

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784 courses

Learndirect Ltd, stylised as learndirect, is a British training provider founded in 2000, owned by the private equity firm Queens Park Equity. The company has a network of learning centres in England and Wales, and also runs some courses online. Nearly all of Learndirect's revenue is from government contracts. By 2006 the organisation was assisting half a million learners per year, and in January 2013 the cumulative number was in excess of 3.5 million.In March 2017, Ofsted inspectors gave the company the lowest possible rating as a result of poor management processes, leading the company to seek judicial review and an injunction stopping the publication of this poor result. The court lifted the reporting restriction on 14 August 2017. Subsequently, the Department for Education stated that it would withdraw all funding from Learndirect, placing the future of the organisation at risk.

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611 courses

The Global Leader in Skills Training and Professional Development We provide skills training and certification solutions to impact individual careers and organizational performance.

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175 courses

Yanka Industries, Inc., doing business as MasterClass, is an American online education subscription platform on which students can access tutorials and lectures pre-recorded by experts in various fields. The concept for MasterClass was conceived by David Rogier and developed with Aaron Rasmussen.

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4415 courses

Memrise is a British language platform that uses spaced repetition of flashcards to increase the rate of learning. It is based in London, UK. Memrise offers user-generated content on a wide range of other subjects. The Memrise app has courses in 16 languages and its combinations, while the website has a great many more languages available. As of 2018, the app had 35 million registered users. Memrise has been profitable since late 2016, having a turnover of $4 million monthly.

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Open Study College

624 courses

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268 courses

**The Pimsleur Method**™ was established nearly 50 years ago by Dr. Paul Pimsleur. “There exists an urgent national need for self-instructional materials in many of the world's languages,” wrote Dr. Pimsleur in 1963. With that goal in mind he developed and recorded Modern Greek, the first of the Pimsleur Language Courses. It was a test of his new theory of self-instruction which resulted from his years of teaching and his study in linguistics and the psychology of language, specifically of how memory could be triggered to best implant a new language.

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