5 Best EdX Courses and Certificates in 2022

Top 5 free EdX courses and certificates in 2022. The best EdX courses according to students and our editorial team in our course selection. Combined, they’ve gathered over 37M enrollments on the platform - Edleed


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What is EdX?

As a mission-driven non-profit organization, EdX online initiative is pursuing 3 main goals:

  • make high-quality education accessible for curious minds world-wide for free
  • optimize on-campus and online teaching and learning
  • push forward educational process through continuous research

The EdX platform was founded by top MIT and Harvard academics and professionals back in 2012 – truly, a groundbreaking innovation in higher education.

Today, it provides access to 3600+ courses from 160+ world’s highest-ranking universities without barriers of cost or location.

What courses does EdX offer?

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The online courses that the EdX platform offers will educate you on the hottest topics, including IT&Software , Design , Business&Finance and more! No need to worry whether or not you’ll be fit to cut it, even if you are a total newbie. In the “About this course” section you’ll find its level of difficulty ranging from Introductory to Advanced.

Satisfy your thirst for knowledge and enhance the chances of getting into your dream school with EdX courses!

Can EdX courses benefit my education or career? How?

Once you’ve settled on which course to choose, you can opt for a verified certificate. Don’t miss out on the opportunity – this fee-based service will provide you with a valuable addition to your portfolio!

Aside from the courses you decide to take purely for your own pleasure, EdX has graduate-level and professional certificate programs on offer. They are designed with the purpose of helping you earn college credit and gain the highly marketable skills to become the most desirable enrollee or job applicant out there. Pursuing this certificate is definitely worth it: you choose when and where to study, you can network with students from all over the globe, and it is significantly cheaper than a traditional degree, especially because EdX offers financial aid solutions!

Start learning from the world’s top institutions and join the community of 44 million+ EdX learners worldwide.

Knowing you can freely choose from 3600+ courses by the best universities from all over the world probably makes you feel like a kid in a candy store.

Want to know which ones are the best? Get on reading.

5 best free EdX courses on EdLeed according to students and our editorial team

1. Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python


If you have always wanted to know what it is like to create a computer program but have no programming background, this is a perfect course for you. Learn to think computationally and deal with any computer bug coming your way, see how computers communicate and learn their language.

Although the course is advertised as “Advanced”, no prior exposure to cybernetics is needed. Of course, knowing a thing or two in mathematics wouldn’t hurt but basic high school-level knowledge would be just enough for this Introductory course.

This course is free and you can take it online, which is great. But still better is the fact that your instructors will be professors currently teaching at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) ranking among the top polytechnic universities in the world, which basically means that you came to the right place.

2. Introduction to video game development with Unity

Introduction to video game development with Unity.png

In case the previous recommended EdX course was right up your alley, you may find this one even more attractive.

It’s no secret that the video gaming industry is booming right now. Since developing a video game includes creating scripts, customizing animation, sound, cinematic effects and a whole lot more, it is not that simple. Many teams turn to game engines for help.

One of the most popular game engines is Unity. It has helped numbers of professionals worldwide and is highly appreciated for its powerful tools and a broad range of digital platforms.

Join the worldwide community of game developers by taking this free online course and you’ll be able to start developing your first games in just 6 weeks!

3. Managing Conflicts on Projects with Cultural and Emotional Intelligence


The stakes are high when your superiors expect you to do your job well. And they get even higher when on top of that you add subordinates to answer for. If something goes wrong, cultural differences and emotions can get in the way of maintaining a positive working environment and you’ll never get anywhere…

If only you had the perfect manual on managing and resolving conflicts in the office, right?..

Right. Right here, in this free online course you will get to see how you can increase understanding among your colleagues and become a master of communication and persuasion by expanding your cultural and emotional intelligence (CI & EI).

Don’t miss out!

4. CS50's Computer Science for Business Professionals

CS50's Computer Science for Business Professionals.png

Those who know the most, venture the least. Doing business is always a risky gamble, so the more you know, the safer you and your investments are.

A rare office today doesn’t make use of computer science tools. Even if not a digithead yourself, you can still put information on internet technologies, web development or cloud computing to good use.

Be on the same page with those who help your business to move with the times! Want to stay on top of your business game? This free EdX course is just what you need.

5. UX Design

UX Design.png

Speaking of computers and businesses…

Never before has creating websites been hotter than it is right now. Would like to try but don’t know where to start?

With this free online course developed by Canada’s first business school HEC Montréal you will learn Design Thinking theory and immediately apply it in practice, you will see what UX Research can tell you about digital users’ needs, and you will get educated on the latest innovations in User-Centered Design Approach.

If this description intrigues you, you will be happy to learn that no previous knowledge is required to start taking the course. So what are you waiting for?

Enroll on the course of your liking and start your learning journey today !


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