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YouTube Video Editing: Develop Your Signature Style

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Level up your video editing by finding your signature style!

Excited about post-production but not sure where to turn after learning the essentials? Join Becki Peckham, half of the self-taught duo behind the hit YouTube channel “Becki & Chris,” to learn powerful video editing techniques that will instantly improve your productions. Known for her cinematic vlogs and videos, Becki shares her step-by-step approach to help you hone your eye and create standout videos your audience will love.

With hands-on lessons in Adobe Premiere Pro, you’ll learn how to:

  • Develop your tone and a unique visual language
  • Source music and sound effects to create compelling audio
  • Create stunning titles and visual effectswith less effort
  • Tell moving stories that connect with your audience

Plus, Becki will reveal how to create a cohesive brand across your social media platforms and website, so your audience can spot your content wherever they go!

Whether you’re a DIY filmmaker, aspiring social media star, or freelance content creator, let Becki teach you how to up your editing game and put a unique stamp on every video you create.


This class is designed for students with a basic understanding of post-production who are looking to hone their editing style. Becki works in Premiere Pro, but whatever editing program you’re comfortable with will do the trick.

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YouTube Video Editing: Develop Your Signature Style
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