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Social Media Copywriting Masterclass: Professional Tips for Profiles and Posts

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If you want to improve your writing for social media, from Instagram profiles and Twitter bios to LinkedIn posts and Facebook pages, this class is for you.

I’ll show you how to craft effective social copy for your business that’s SEO-friendly and tailored to each individual platform - while remaining true to your brand voice.

The copywriting skills you’ll learn will make your social media marketing communications more effective, helping you reach your conversion targets and sales goals.

You’ll learn:

  • An actionable three-point plan to set you up for social media success
  • Copywriting techniques to help you write perfect social media bios and profiles
  • Top tips for writing for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • Professional insights into making your copy more attention-grabbing and persuasive
  • Simple, practical ways of handling replies that will save you time
  • Common mistakes people make on social and how to avoid them.

These skills will make your social media copywriting more effective, less time-consuming and will help you reach your engagement and conversion targets.

This class is for you if you:

  • Write social media posts as part of your role
  • Work in a communications, marketing, PR or customer service team
  • Are looking for ways to streamline your social media workflow
  • Want to maintain a consistent voice across different platforms.

The skills you’ll learn in this class are highly transferable. You’ll find them useful outside of work too - whether you have your own business, you’re a blogger or even if you only use social media on a personal level.

No sound needed! Give your headphones a break and enjoy accurate captions and fully visual walkthroughs.


Here are the various free online tools and resources I recommend in the different lessons. Do you have your own recommendation? Let me know in the ‘Discussion’ tab.

Social Copy in Action Cheat Sheet(to help you with your class project)

Prepare for Success- MindTools Comms PlannerProfiles and Bios - Hootsuite Bio Templates

Writing for Twitter- Character Counter

Writing for LinkedIn- LinkedIn Post Guide

Writing for Facebook- Title Case ConverterWriting for Instagram- Instagram Line Break

Conversations - Customer Service on Social

Common Mistakes (and how to avoid them) - Hemingway Editor

Next Steps- Buffer Marketing Personas Guide

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Social Media Copywriting Masterclass: Professional Tips for Profiles and Posts
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