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Remote Worker's Guide to Time Management

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Welcome to the world of remote working! While the flexibility of working from home or a cafe can be really nice, there are a whole new set of distractions and complications once we leave the office. How do we keep our work lives from blending into our personal lives? And does anyone else out there get really tempted to take a nap in the middle of the afternoon?

This course is NOT about working harder or clocking more hours. This is about working smarter so you can feel less stressed and enjoy your free time more.

In this course, you'll learn best practices for how to get control of your workspace, set up your calendar, prioritize your daily tasks, and finally, manage your energy for maximum focus. This program starts with an assessment, so you can see where you have the most opportunity for skill development. After the assessment, you'll be able to dive into the video content with more directed goals.

I take a holistic approach to Time Management- we aren't robots! I'm sure you have many demands competing for your attention, especially if you work from your home. Let's get real about major factors impacting your productivity and come up with a game plan to take steps towards getting those habits on the right track.

I have worked as a university instructor and corporate trainer since 2005, so I apply what I've learned over the years as an educator. I also rely heavily on visual aides, as that is one way these concepts have come to life for me.

Congratulations on taking this first step towards improving your habits!


Anne Parmeter – Instructional Designer and Corporate Trainer

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Remote Worker's Guide to Time Management
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