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Plein Air with Procreate: Outdoor Digital Painting on the iPad

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With the mobility of the iPad, we can just pick it up, go outside and start painting in Procreate! Isn’t that exciting? It’s a good excuse to just get off the chair and explore!

As artists, we have the unique ability to express how we see, feel, interpret everything on our canvases. We can let the viewers see through our eyes! Join artist, Ayan Nag, as he teaches you how to take ordinary subjects and bring out the beauty in them.

In this class, you will learn Ayan’s process of digital painting using Procreate and how he reimagines everyday outdoor scenes.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Observe with intent
  • Draw from life
  • Build a visual library
  • Plan compositions
  • Tips & tricks for painting outdoors
  • Express your unique views

Drawing from life helps you improve your taste, visual library and connect you to your surroundings. Having a solid visual library is immensely helpful when drawing from imagination.

If you are familiar with basic art fundamentals, have an iPad, Apple pencil, + Procreate and are willing to hop outside, you are good to go!

Let's do this!!!

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Plein Air with Procreate: Outdoor Digital Painting on the iPad
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