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Piano Basics: Learn Notes, Scales & Chords

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Discover the joy of playing piano in this beginner-friendly class — part of the Complete Piano Learning Path that will take you from novice to intermediate player!

Multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and composer Elijah Fox doesn’t believe in the old school. A pianist who began taking lessons at eight years old, Elijah quickly realized that he didn’t care for run-of-the-mill piano lessons, where some notes are “right” and others are “wrong.” Instead, he forged his own path, one that emphasized improvisation, curiosity, and composition. Now a professional musician who’s worked with artists like Tate McCrae, Pink Sweat$, and Masego, Elijah fell in love with piano. In this class, he’ll give you the introduction, inspiration, and techniques you need to do the same!

Hands-on lessons cover key beginner concepts like:

  • The history and mechanics of the piano
  • How to identify (and practice) notes, scales, and chords
  • Essential musical theory tools you’ll use again and again, like the chromatic scale and circle of fifths

Plus, Elijah shares his favorite tips and tricks developed over his years as a session pianist, producer, and music teacher. Whether you’re looking for a new hobby, rekindling an old one, or just curious about what it takes to make music, this introductory overview is the perfect place to start!

This class was created with the total beginner in mind – if you’re new to piano, you’re in the right place. It’s also a great choice for more experienced pianists looking to revisit the basics, change up their style, or fall in love with music all over again. Since learning music takes time, this class is designed to complement your own self-guided practice or lessons. All you’ll need is a keyboard or piano (ideally one with a sustain pedal).

This is the first class in Elijah’s five-part Complete Piano Learning Path. To continue building your skills in the next class, click here.

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Piano Basics: Learn Notes, Scales & Chords
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