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Master Watercolour Techniques: Paint a Watercolour Chrysanthemum Painting onto a Board

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Painting has been my passion for the past 22 years. I painted in acrylic paint and taught classes for over 10 years. However, my love of painting began to wane and it was giving me little enjoyment until I decided to try my hand at watercolour. Watercolour captured my heart 8 years ago and I have been mesmerized by it ever since.

In this 4 hour class, my focus is to guide you through my painting process, through demonstrations, tips and comments. Watch over my shoulder while I paint this beautiful and detailed Chrysanthemum in watercolour. After I apply the initial pale washes, I keep layering the paint until I achieve the depth of colour that I need.

This watercolour is painted on a wooden board that I glued some watercolour paper to. So, I'll also demonstrate how I attach the paper to the board and how I varnish the painting when I'm finished.

This class is recommended for experienced painters.

Some of the techniques you will learn in this class:

  • how I attached watercolour paper to the board
  • how I interpret a reference photo
  • how I place the paint on my palette
  • how I soften edges
  • how I paint tonal gradations on petals
  • how I preserve white paper
  • how I layer my paint
  • wet on wet painting
  • wet on dry painting
  • painting negatively
  • how I paint the background
  • what granulating paint is
  • how I deliberately create watercolour blooms for interest
  • how I strengthen my painting by using darker colours
  • how I fix simple mistakes
  • how I varnished my watercolour painting to protect it

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Master Watercolour Techniques: Paint a Watercolour Chrysanthemum Painting onto a Board
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