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Leadership in Modern Context and Application in Workspace

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In today's modern time, with so many changes happening in our life everyday, leadership is a very important aspect of personal and professional success in life of an individual and organisation it is associated with.

Leadership is the ability to influence and guide an individual or group of individuals, supporters, or other members of an organization. Leadership is informed, sometimes difficult decisions, developing and clarifying clear visions, setting achievable goals, and following the knowledge and tools needed to achieve those goals.

Effective managers include self-confidence, clear communication and leadership skills, creative and innovative thinking, patience in case of failure, willingness to take risks, tolerance to change, prudence, and in times. Has the ability to respond.

In this course, we will explore

-Meaning of Leadership

-Difference between Manager and Leader

-Practical ways of leader

-Different Forms of Leaders

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Leadership in Modern Context and Application in Workspace
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