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Job-Ready SQL in an Afternoon

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In just one afternoon of training, you’ll be:​

  • 100% fluent in SQL​
  • Have the technical know-how to apply it in the workplace​
  • Be able to write SQL queries to extract and analyze data​
  • Solve technical interview SQL questions confidently​

The training starts with the very basics  by showing you how to set everything up on your own machine, as well as giving you an understanding of what relational databases are.

We then jump into writing basic queries, starting with just selecting data from the database, to applying filters, using groupings and performing aggregations, using joins and unions, as well as using window functions.

With every step we make sure to not only write out the queries, but also talk through the actual behaviour, so that we understand what we're doing and how it works so that this knowledge can be applied to other problems as well.

At the end of this course you should feel very comfortable writing SQL queries, and will be equipped with the skills to answer technical SQL interview questions that can come up in interviews for positions like Data Analysts and Data Scientists.

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Job-Ready SQL in an Afternoon
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