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Head Structure and Portrait Illustration (Digital Art)

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Have you ever tried to draw portraits but felt like you couldn't get the eyes in the right position? Or felt like the head didn't really look right? Or maybe couldn't find the right colors for it?

Stop worrying and start watching this class, because I am going to help you go through the fundamentals of drawing heads, we will create a matrix of different head positions that you could use later in your artworks, you will learn how to use a 3D tool*, how to choose and study references, ho to set up your canvas correctly in Procreate and we will draw together a portrait in two different lighting scenarios!

This class is the SECOND PART of the Character Design Crash Course, my first character design series on Skillshare! Check out the Intro video to see all the upcoming classes! I will post a new class every month, so make sure you follow me to receive updates!

*ArtStation Tool link:

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Head Structure and Portrait Illustration (Digital Art)
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