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Fantasy Maps: The Art of Exploring Imaginary Worlds

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Learn to think and work like a mapper of imaginary places.

The best way to explore an imaginary world is with a map. But a map is capable of so much more than charting geography. It can give an intimate look at an extraordinary time and place. Join me as we take a trip through the famous and obscure map artifacts that help define the art form and then put these new insights to use as we plan and design a personal utopia.

Here are the topics I'll be covering:

  • A history of map symbols and icons.
  • The fundamental elements of map design.
  • How maps represent stories of the fantastic.
  • How maps use metaphor.
  • How to create map landscapes.
  • Creating symbols, icons, and type.
  • Adding 'artifact' color and texture.

This class is access to students working in digital and traditional mediums. I'm working in Clip Studio Paint for visual clarity.

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Fantasy Maps: The Art of Exploring Imaginary Worlds
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