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Drawing Is Important: Develop a Sketchbook Habit in 30 Days

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Drawing is Important! Whether you are an illustrator, artist, or just looking to tap more into your creative voice, this class will give you unique tools to start drawing every day. Join Top Teacher, Mr. Tom Froese, as he guides you through setting yourself up for success in a 30-day daily sketchbook challenge. Along the way, you’ll learn strategies for staying motivated, as well as some practical tips for including sharing your work on social media.

The Purpose of this Class

To help you kickstart your own daily drawing habit

What You Will Learn

  • Strategies and starting points for keeping a daily drawing habit
  • Discover how YOU draw
  • Breaking through creative block and self doubt in your drawing
  • How to Plan your drawing habit around what inspires and works best for you
  • How to capture and share your drawings so they shine online and on Social Media
  • See Tom's current sketchbooking process, using Uglybooks and Posca Paint Pens, from start to Finish!

Who This Class Is For

  • Anyone who wants to start drawing every day, from very beginners to seasoned professional creatives and artists
  • No drawing experience or special talent is necessary
  • Come as you are with what you have — and you will grow!

Class Materials

  • No special materials are required to START this class
  • You will have a chance to define what YOU want to use as part of the class project

Materials I Used in This Class

What's with The Awkward Shirt?

You can join my army of Awkwardians. Buy the shirt over at Cotton Bureau. Available in many shapes and sizes.



Uglybooks features heavily in this class. It is because of Uglybooks that my daily drawing habit really blasted off again. Drawing in Uglybooks has been a huge inspiration for this class! Andreas and Jon at Uglybooks have been kind enough to supply me with a bunch of sketchbooks to give to some of you. Stay tuned for upcoming promotions.

Get 10% off your first purchase of Uglybooks:

Title Stock Video Credits

  • Rodnae Productions (Man with glasses drawing at table)
  • Deeanna Arts (Colourful sketchbook in urban setting)
  • Arthouse Studio (Woman sketching flowers0

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Drawing Is Important: Develop a Sketchbook Habit in 30 Days
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