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Digital Marketing Strategy: Profitable Sales Funnel Fundamentals

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You might be surprised to learn that there are really only three ways to use digital marketing strategies to grow your business:

  • Increase the number of customers
  • Increase the average transaction value per customer
  • Increase the number of transactions per customer

And in this class, you’re going to learn how to execute on each one of these.

We will go through all of the ins and outs of creating profitable sales funnels that can help scale your business on autopilot while also giving your target audience an authentic and personalised experience throughout.

Some people (including me) have been through years of trial and error to master the elements you will be able to master in just a few short hours in this class.

Are you ready to learn the exact sales and marketing strategies used by some of the biggest brands in the world?

What you’ll learn in this class:

  • How to identify who your target audience is and how to sell to them in a non-salesy way
  • Why sales funnels are the key to your business growth and where a lot of businesses go wrong
  • What your strategy should be at the top (or beginning) of your sales funnel
  • What your strategy should be in the middle of your sales funnel
  • What your strategy should be at the bottom (or end) of your sales funnel
  • How to cater your strategy to the mindset of your audience to create a positive customer experience at every stage
  • How to use metrics to optimise the profitability of your sales funnel and what to look for
  • How to leverage different pricing levels of your offers to get more value out of each customer
  • How to map out your profitable sales funnel and execute on your tailored digital marketing strategy

And much much more!

Once you complete this class you will have a solid framework for what your profitable sales funnel will look like and be able to move onto the implementation part with confidence. If you would like to know exactly how to build your sales funnel and begin making money from your customers, I recommend checking out the class below:


You will also find lots of useful resources inside of your Class Guide so make sure to check it out and feel free to pop into the Discussions section of the class if you have any questions that I can help with.

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Digital Marketing Strategy: Profitable Sales Funnel Fundamentals
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