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Cooking Like a Chef: 5 Fundamental Skills for Kitchen Success

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Unlock your arsenal of kitchen skills and become a better cook with Alexis Gabriel Ainouz (aka Alex French Guy).

Knowing how to cook is a superpower! Go into the kitchen with Alex and discover the essential skills for excellent home cooking. Alex, an avowed food geek, consolidates lessons from ten years in the kitchen into five fundamental skills every burgeoning home chef can use. In the kitchen with Alex, you'll learn practical techniques for delicious, reliable cooking. There is nothing superfluous here.

In Alex’s kitchen you'll learn:

  • Space preparation to ensure you have what you need and nothing more
  • Ingredient selection so you can always improvise a delicious meal
  • Knife skills for safe and efficient chopping, slicing, and dicing
  • The never-ending meal philosophy so leftovers never go to waste

Plus, Alex combines the skills you’ve learned in class and creates a beautiful omelet, and prepares a simple and delicious steak with sauce.

This class is for anyone who eats! Whether you’re a seasoned home chef or just picking up a skillet for the first time, you’ll walk away with a refreshed perspective and a solid understanding of how to make your time in the kitchen more fun and delicious.

If you struggle to get consistent results in the kitchen and wish every meal was a little more delicious, this class is for you. But even if you've never touched a chef's knife or saucepan, you’ll be able to keep up. Alex will review the tools and ingredients he recommends but you don't need anything to get started.

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Cooking Like a Chef: 5 Fundamental Skills for Kitchen Success
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