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Coding 101: Python for Beginners

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What You’ll Learn

You’ll learn the fundamentals of code using Python. However, unlike most coding courses, this class doesn’t give you an exhaustive list of minutiae; instead, you learn just enough to start using code. The goal is for you to finish the class with (a) a set of nifty tools, (b) the ability to write more nifty tools, and (c) the recognition of code’s value in automating day-to-day functions. You’ll cover the following concepts throughout the course:

  • Data types, expressions, variables
  • Functions
  • Objects
  • Control Logic

What You'll Build

Along the way, you’ll create a set of tools to demonstrate these concepts:

  • Email List Reformatter
  • Temperature Report
  • Umbrella Recommender
  • Password Strength Checker
  • Days Until your Birthday
  • Secret Messages

The class is designed for anyone with little to no knowledge of coding. No prerequisite knowledge is required. All you need is a laptop, internet, and an hour of time.

Exclusive Resources

The class will include links to exclusive resources including the following:

  • All 6 completed nifty tools
  • 70+ practice problems with solution walkthroughs (an hour of bonus content!)
  • Extra 27 practice problems with full working solutions
  • Downloadable slides, with access to all updated versions in the future
  • Links for further reading

Want to learn more?

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Follow me on Skillshare to be the first to hear about more courses in these areas!

Acknowledgements:This course roughly follows UC Berkeley’s introductory computer science textbook: B-roll used in introductory video CC-0 licensed by Pexels.

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Coding 101: Python for Beginners
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