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Character Illustration: A Beginner’s Guide to Drawing Fun & Expressive Faces

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Have you ever wondered how to draw a face, but don't know where to begin! This class is for you! I will give you tips and tricks so you can draw any face in the simplest way possible.

First, we'll start off by drawing a base circle. Then we’ll construct our face in such a way that we decide where all the features go before we get to placing them using simple shapes!  Lastly, we'll add in fun additional personal flares for flavour!

Who is the class for? There’s something for everyone!

  • Newbie: You can get started right away with any tool you have at hand!
  • Doodler: There are sprinkles of wisdom (i.e: how to make your mistakes enhance your drawing, putting elements of design to use etc) that you can snatch away through the lesson to have more fun with your art!
  • An illustrator can expand their toolbox and experiment using a different approach.

Why is this class useful?

You can pick up a great new skill in 20 minutes!  Faces are so fun to draw. In my experience, nothing else can make a person feel special as much as a drawing of their face.

Materials / Resources

Any pencil, eraser, black pen, black sketch pen and a bottle cap of approximately 2 inches diameter (Red/pink pen optional)

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Character Illustration: A Beginner’s Guide to Drawing Fun & Expressive Faces
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