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Anyone Can Animate: Easy Animation for Social Media

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Join TikTok star and self-proclaimed bad animator Danny Casale, aka @Coolman_Coffeedan, to learn how to create quirky, hilarious animations that stop the scroll!

Animation may seem intimidating, but with a relatable story and just a few tools, anyone can become an animator. Danny knows this well after his first animation—the story of a snake with legs, sketched on an index card—went viral in 2017. Now, with over 10 million followers and a half a billion views, Danny has honed his technique and is here to share how he brings his colorful, charming, and crudely drawn characters to life.

In his first ever online class, Danny breaks down his easy-to-follow process so you can conceptualize, script, sketch, record and animate an original 15-second looping animation video for social media.

With Danny’s playful and candid teaching style, you’ll learn how to:

  • Develop a relatable concept from your own life
  • Sketch unique and eye-catching characters
  • Script and record audio for your animation
  • Export your animation to share with the world

Plus, Danny shares his self-taught tips for choosing the right tools and illustrating memorable characters every time—no need to worry about your drawing ability or access to animation software.

Whether you're an illustrator looking to make the jump into animation, a storyteller curious to try a new medium, or a creative novice playing around with Procreate, this class will introduce a whole new world of self-expression. Together with Danny, you'll experiment, laugh and learn just how easy it is to bring your ideas to life through animation!


This class is excellent if you're a beginner who wants to learn how to animate step by step, or a more intermediate animator hoping to refine your process and get inspired. You can complete the early brainstorming, character development, and scripting phases using just pen and paper. If you'd like to follow along with Danny, you’ll need Procreate, Adobe Animate and video editing software. But none of these are required because Danny offers a few options to start animating without spending a dime on software—you'll just need a phone or tablet.

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Anyone Can Animate: Easy Animation for Social Media
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