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Advanced trading course : Complete Smart Cash flow Concepts - SMC for Forex, Crypto or Stock trading

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Smart Money Concepts was new trading method was developed from traditional Supply & Demand strategy after removing weak market conditional. SMC also can support to trade with traditional Supply & Demand created nice strategy to understand total movement of market. Not only Forex, Crypto but also Stock and Future market.

On this course, I will explain detail from smallest definitions about Smart Money Concepts to help you understand about this strategy before coming to Double Order Block strategy. This is strategy that will help you understand about the total picture of market based on market structure, market cycle theory to define the main trend. Since then, you can use the first Order-Block like the cornerstone to define and explain the next power on second Order-Block and follow smart money with the perfectly support from market structure, market cycle and continuously multiple timeframe theory.

We'll take you step-by-step through engaging video example and teach you everything you need to know to succeed as a profitable trader.

By the end of this course, you will be fluently smart money concepts and you'll be so good at trading that you can get a freedom job or trading professionally.

This strategy will help you :

  1. Improving Reward per Risk ratio.

  2. Improving Win rate.

  3. Low drawdown in trading to take trading funds challenge.

  4. Strongly believe to set limit order and take a rest.

  5. Avoid emotion in trading.


Learning guidance :

- Learning from Definition--> Main Strategy --> Extra knowledge

or quick learning : Main Strategy--> Definition--> Main Strategy--> Extra knowledge

- Write down step by step to analyze --> Back test --> Improve --> Real  trading.


Course's support & Special requirement :

1. Always be patient to learn

2. Always be patient to practice. Trading : 50% Control yourself - 50% Strategy.

3. Instructor's support in Q&A : You can refer existing Q&A and leave your new Questions anytime. I will try to reply within 12hours.


Recommendation :

*  Back test from 1 - 3 months before real trading. You can choose GBPUSD - 1H to practice firsts.

\\ Using headphone will help you learn more focused and better receptive

\\\* Learning from examples to theory will help you easier to understand.


What you can do after this course :

  1. Understand to analyze & define market structure exactly.

  2. Understand total SMC's map

  3. Understand all the basic definitions about Smart money concepts

  4. Analyze the market and entry with smart money exactly with FOLLOW or BREAK the trend.

  5. Get the optimize Reward per risk ration to start trading funds or your own account.

  6. Understand how to skip & trading with particular market conditions.

  7. Understand how to define Momentum of price to skip or follow trade.

  8. Understand how to define Discount zone and Over zone to trading.

  9. Understand normal mistake to avoid in trading.

  10. Understand successful trading system to optimize your current strategy.


Updated history :

1. Jan 20th 2022  - New release.

2. Fed 17th 2022 - Update example : Trading with Gold and US30

3. Fed 27th 2022 - Update " Definitions about Smart Money Concepts " captions/substiles.

4. Mar 13rd 2022 - Update Liquidity indicator guidance

5. Mar 28th 2022 - Attaching PDF files for all theory parts

6. Mar 29th 2022 - Adding more Quiz #1 - #5

7. Mar 29th 2022 - Adding 18 Questions for examination

8. Apr 1st 2022   - Adding assignments & format to backtest

9. Apr 5th 2022  - Adding Section 7 - 8 : 30 Basic & Advance Quiz

10. Apr 14th 2022 - Finished updating subtitles for 14 languages

11. May 12nd 2022 - Update section #4

Don't just take my word for it, check out what existing students have to say about my courses:

" Amazing course ! Depth explanation. These knowledge helped me a lot - I passed challenge and verification last week. If possible, I hope to see you sharing combine SMC and Key level together "

" All of Jaycee's course are very very good. There isn't a lot of other teachers who understand volume, price action, and smart money like him. He is a brilliant trader and I strongly recommend his courses. I would also like to address some of the negative comments I have seen about Jayce’s English. In my opinion his English is fine. But if you have issues understanding anything the closed captions are 100% accurate. I have taken over 40 Udemy courses about trading and almost all have been by non English native speakers. You will miss out on a lot of good information if you don’t try and understand. "

" Amazing theory. Your courses were built like a learning school. Very detail and easy to absorb. Do you have any Discord / FB group or anything like that to learn more from you? Thanks "

" What a nice course about SMC ! I enrolled both your 2 courses - That is very detail about SMC and Key level Strategy. Full of documents and Exam to absorb the lessons. Love it! "

" 3 hours valuable course - Direct to problem. Not hide any aspects. Quiz and Exam test really useful and full of hard questions. I though I understood all about it before I take the test and realize some problem forgot. Combine with other your course really nice to trade "

" Nice course with full downloadable contents and Quiz, Practice test with key questions. Useful and easier to absorb new thing. At the first time, I saw this course quite short but, every thing inside of course over my expectation "

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Advanced trading course : Complete Smart Cash flow Concepts - SMC for Forex, Crypto or Stock trading
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