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7 Days to Better Grades

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The one skill that gives us the best experience in school is learning how to learn. It helps us maximize what we learn while minimizing the time we spend learning it. The problem is that we are only told what to learn in school, but not how to learn it. It wasn’t until medical school when the two of us first learned about how to use science to study more efficiently and effectively. It can feel overwhelming to make time to learn how to learn when you are already drowning under loads of schoolwork. So we've made it simple by repackaging everything we know into a guided 7-day course and a class project to help you apply individual techniques as you learn them.

Our curriculum will outline the process of learning, which involves 2 steps: understanding and remembering. First, you have to get the information into your brain, and second, you have to retrieve that information when you need it. Our lessons will cover individual techniques that you can use to practice this entire process. For example, on day #1, we’ll start with structuring to help us understand new topics. Then on subsequent days, we'll combine methods like teaching and mixing to help deepen our comprehension of even the most complex topics. After we understand the information, it's time to remember. We’ll mimic how the brain actually works, using spacing and testing to form long-term memories.

Each day, we will be adding a new study technique to your toolkit, and help you apply them with an easy to follow downloadable workbook.

No matter where you are in your education journey, this class will help you reframe the way you approach studying, and build systems for sustainable life long learning. We can’t wait to study together, so let’s get started.

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7 Days to Better Grades
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