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28-Day Drawing Challenge: Anatomy for Illustration and Comics

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Learn to draw realistic human anatomy for your illustrated characters in this 28-day challenge with Jazza!

Whether you want to draw super muscular superheroes or more true-to-life characters, understanding anatomy is critical when drawing bodies—and yet it can be one of the most challenging subjects to master as an artist. Throughout this class, illustrator and animator Josiah “Jazza” Brooks will break it down to the basics and make drawing human anatomy as easy as possible.

To start, you’ll get an overview of Jazza’s three-step process to drawing realistic bodies, and learn the basic blocking techniques that will support you throughout the class.

After that, you’ll work through each core area of the body—the arms, legs, torso, and back—and get a crash course on the form of the anatomy (the general muscle structures) as well as the function (how those muscles change as the body moves). Finally, you’ll spend the last four lessons bringing it all together into some impressively accurate full-body illustrations.

While you could certainly take all these lessons at once, Jazza encourages you to take one every few days over the course of four weeks, with plenty of practice in between. By taking the time to really work on each muscle group step by step, you’ll walk away able to draw bodies without batting an eye.


This class is ideal for beginner and intermediate illustrators—but will benefit anyone looking to improve their anatomy drawings! Follow along in your medium of choice, on paper or digitally. Even if you're working with different tools, Jazza’s tips and techniques will still apply to your process.

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28-Day Drawing Challenge: Anatomy for Illustration and Comics
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