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YouTube Success 2022: Create Exciting and Authentic Travel Vlogs – A Beginner’s Guide

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Travel vlogs: they come in all “shapes and sizes”, however, everyone wants their travel video to be exciting, engaging, and most importantly: authentic.

In this class, you will learn how to make travel vlogs that will be remembered by your audience! You learn how to narrate your story in a creative way and how your video will result in a real connection with your audience.

What you will learn During this class, I teach you my entire creative process from start to finish. From knowing which vlogging setup is best for you, to uploading and publishing your first travel video on YouTube. Of course, I will go through each step in detail to assure the best result.

Structure of the class

  • An introduction to vlogging

    First, we will discuss what type of vlogging setup is the best for you according to your needs. Then I will teach you what the theme of your travel vlog can be and why it is important to choose a theme. Next, we start (pre)planning!

  • Structure of the vlog and filming After the (pre)planning, we move to the structure of the travel video. I will discuss important segments of a travel vlog and how to film them. I will also teach you a few techniques that can help you make your travel vlogs more authentic and personal. Eventually, they will stand out from all the other travel vlogs!

  • Take your vlogging skills to the next level! In this section, I will talk about how to be confident in front of the camera, when to use voiceovers and the do’s and don’t of vlogging. I will also discuss the mistakes beginner vloggers make (and how you can avoid them!)

  • Editing and uploading

    To make your travel vlog exciting and authentic, creative edits are essential. I will give you a lot of tips that can help you become better and more efficient with your editing. Of course, I will also explain how to make eye-catchy thumbnails. Finally, I will go over the upload process and things to do before you hit the publish button to make your videos rank higher in the YouTube search ranking.

Is this class interesting for you?

This class is welcoming to students of all levels, however, the class is built for beginners in mind.

Who am I? Hey! I’m Adi Singh. I work as a freelance videographer, and I have made films of all kinds. To fully use my creativity, me and my girlfriend started a YouTube channel 2 years ago. We grew up to 24k subscribers with over a million views! The core of this class is the experience of filming for clients in combination with using all my own creativity for our YouTube channel!

My equipment

Check the gear I use: Adi Singh (@letsmeetabroad) gear • Kit

Let's connect!

My YouTube channel: Let’s Meet Abroad

Instagram: @letscreateonline@letsmeetabroad

So, do I see you in my class? Let’s learn and create!

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YouTube Success 2022: Create Exciting and Authentic Travel Vlogs – A Beginner’s Guide
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