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YouTube for Beginners - How to Start & Grow Your YouTube Channel

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This class is for anyone who'd like to start a YouTube channel.

My FREE Skillshare Bonus Resources As I mentioned in the course, I’ve now made a bunch of free resources for all of my Skillshare classes, exclusively for my Skillshare students. They’re packed with additional course-related content for every class, and will help you refresh what you’ve learnt, as well as explore some of the other classes you haven’t taken yet. Check it out here.


You'll learn everything you need to get started as a YouTuber including how to script, shoot, and edit your first video.

You'll also learn how to:

  • Set up an awesome-looking channel
  • Talk confidently to the camera
  • Grow your audience
  • And finally, we'll talk about how to make YouTube fun.

All you need is a phone, camera or webcam (that can record video and audio), and a computer with some free editing software like iMovie or DaVinci Resolve. Remember, it's all about getting your first video out there, picking up momentum, and enjoying the process.

Who am I?

My name is Ali - I'm a YouTuber, entrepreneur and med school graduate working in the UK.

I started YouTube as a side-hustle at university, making videos about medicine, tech and productivity. I taught myself how to film and edit in 2017 using random videos online. Since then my channel has skyrocketed from 0 to 2.7M subscribers, and generates x50 more revenue than my old full-time job as a doctor. Starting a YouTube channel is 100% the best decision I've ever made.

My Part-Time YouTuber Academy

I also run a 6-week live cohort class called the Part-Time YouTuber Academy, where I teach people everything they need to know about building a sustainable, profitable, fun YouTube channel. We get into strategy, finances, and more advanced videography. If you've finished this class and want to know more, check it out.

You can also sign up to my Part-Time YouTuber Crash Course - a free series of 7 emails over 7 days where I share my top tips and tricks for kickstarting (or growing) your YouTube channel.

Resources My Skillshare Classes

  1. Video Editing with Final Cut Pro X - From Beginner to YouTuber
  2. How to Organise your Workflow to Maximise Productivity
  3. Productivity Masterclass - Principles and Tools to Boost Your Productivity

Cameras & Tripod

  1. iPhone 13 Pro (use whatever phone you've got with a decent front-facing camera)
  2. Ulanzi MT-41 Portable Tripod (cheap)
  3. Sony A7C (expensive)
  4. Sony A7Siii (very expensive)

Microphones + Connectors

  1. RØDE VideoMicro - cheap
  2. vidIQ - cheap
  3. Sennheiser MKH416 P48 - super-expensive
  4. Saramonic Lavalier - fairly cheap
  5. RØDE Wireless Go II Lavalier- expensive
  6. Minijack to 3.5mm male - connector
  7. Lightning to 3.5mm headphone jack - connector

Software and Websites

  1. Recut - Edits out silence from your video
  2. Descript - Simple way of editing
  3. iMovie - Free video editing for Apple users
  4. DaVinci Resolve - Free video editing for PC users
  5. Canva - For channel art
  6. Unsplash - For royalty-free images


  1. The Unfair Advantage by Ash Ali and Hasan Kubba
  2. Good to Great + Turning the Flywheel by Jim Collins
  3. Show Your Work by Austin Kleon

My Links

  1. Website
  2. Podcast
  3. Email newsletter

Ali's Kitchen

  1. My Le Creuset review
  2. My new channel...

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YouTube for Beginners - How to Start & Grow Your YouTube Channel
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