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You Can Draw Cute Animals! In 3 Simple Steps

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In this class I'll show you the three simple steps to making ANY animal cute! With this new skill you will also learn how to draw anything in a stylized way from a reference. Some of the things we'll learn are:

  • What makes things cute?
  • The three simple steps to cuteness!
  • Eight live examples.
  • How to make the un-cute cute!
  • Tips for developing your personal style.

I will also provide you with a review worksheet that will help you put the concepts to use! By the end of the class you should not only have the ability to draw cute animals, but will also improve your observation, drawing skills, and imagination! So, let's make some cuties together!


Class Outline

  • Drawing animals. Yasmina will teach you how to draw animals by using simple tools and a three-step process. Along the way, she’ll share her tips and tricks for developing your artistic style. Whether you are learning how to draw or expanding your skill set, these drawing classes will increase your ability and sharpen your technique.
  • Creating your own. Yasmina will supply a review worksheet to help you practice making larger heads, rounder edges, simpler lines, and exaggerated facial features. You’ll have fun observing subjects in a new way and creating adorable animals of your very own. At the end of the class, you’ll be asked to choose two animals: one that you already think is cute, and another that you think is not. Then you can recreate them as charming, lovable creatures.
  • Exaggerating features. By exaggerating specific features, you’ll learn how to draw animals at their cutest. Yasmina will introduce you to her basic rules for drawing cartoons that are simple, charming, and full of life. With her help, you’ll learn how to draw large heads and eyes, tiny mouths, and bodies. And you’ll know when to disregard her guidelines and draw in the opposite way, in order to get the best effect.
  • Rendering with style. Yasmina will discuss her three basic drawing steps, which you can use to draw a subject from a reference photo. She will talk about the importance of observation, including how to break down a project into simple shapes and lines. You’ll learn how to sketch animals first, then simplify your subject to amplify their cutest, most pleasant qualities.
  • Drawing inspiration. You’ll follow along as Yasmina walks you through her creative process: drawing different animals from reference photos, and exaggerating their appeal. She’ll demonstrate how she makes a ladybug, a meerkat, a bird, and a deer into cuties, and will describe her thought process as she works through each design.
  • Making unattractive animals adorable. Not all animals easily lend themselves to being cute, but there are ways to even make reptiles more charming. Yasmina will explain how she takes reference photos of a snail, a turtle, a chicken, and a jellyfish, then draws them into adorable cartoons that anyone would find appealing.
  • Developing your style. You’ll explore your personal style by drawing animals in a variety of ways. Yasmina will show you how to play around with features and develop your preferences by practicing a number of different eyes, ears, fur, tails, and noses— then choosing your favorite looks.
  • Applying the rules. Yasmina will talk about how to apply her simple three-step guidelines to other animate and inanimate objects. By using rounded edges, simple lines, and other techniques, you can make a cup, an apple, or even a car more loveable. With practice, you will be able to observe and draw anything in a cuter, more pleasant style. Whether you are interested in drawing people, animals, or inanimate objects, you’ll master the ability to render them all as adorable, loveable creatures!


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You Can Draw Cute Animals! In 3 Simple Steps
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