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You Can Draw Anything! In 3 Simple Steps

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Drawing can be tough! It takes years of practice to get 'good' and there are no shortcuts. Right? Well, maybe not. I have developed a simple three step process that breaks down the drawing of anything into simple to follow steps that anyone can do. It all starts with basic shapes and lines. You still need to practice, but with these steps it will become much easier to do many of the things that beginner artists find difficult, like getting the right proportions or just knowing where to start. You really can draw anything with these steps! The class will cover this and much more, from stylizing your work to observing through an artists eyes! So, pick up your pencil and let's draw! :)


Class Outline

  • What You'll Learn. Easy drawing skills. Yasmina understands that drawing for beginners can feel intimidating. With her approachable three-step process, she will teach you the fundamentals of drawing well, and share her tips and tricks for creating beautiful art using simple lines and shapes.
  • Practice exercises. You’ll work alongside Yasmina as she coaches you through a series of exercises that help to train your hand and boost your confidence. She will show you how to create deliberate strokes, shapes, lines, and other drawing basics, so that even if you are an inexperienced artist, you can jump right into creating new work. At the end of the class, you will be invited to draw two subjects (something you love, and something you’ve never drawn before) in order to stretch your ability and refine your technique.
  • Tricks of the trade. Yasmina believes that the most important part of any drawing practice is observational skills. In her drawing lessons, she will walk you through how to see everyday objects like she does, by “listening to your eyes,” paying close attention to your subject, and breaking down even the most complex subjects into rudimentary easy-to-sketch parts.
  • Using shapes and lines. You’ll learn how to draw any object by working with fundamental geometry. Yasmina will teach you how to reduce your subject into circles, squares and lines, and how to use those essential forms to give your art a realistic sense of proportion.
  • Refining your subject. Yasmina will explain how to create a perfect outline of your subject one section at a time. You’ll use your observational skills to work slowly and without pressure. At the end of the process, you will have created an exciting and organic work of art!
  • Adding detail. You’ll learn what a “value change” is, and how to accurately portray shadows and light. Yasmina will also demonstrate how to draw the same image by blending and adding lines to give you a range of ways to define your personal style.
  • Live examples. Yasmina will share her thought process as she draws from reference photographs. You’ll learn how she approaches her subjects, defines their geometry, works to outline their proportions, and fills in the details as she sees fit. The end results are beautiful, accurate depictions – just like the drawings you will create!
  • Taking your time. You will be encouraged to slow down, calm your artistic anxieties, and develop your skills naturally by forgiving your mistakes as you begin to draw. The creative process should be fun – and with Yasmina’s guidance, it will be.
  • Stylization. Yasmina will discuss how to advance your technique, using visual references as a launching point to create the kind of art you most enjoy. You will learn how to develop your personal style by exaggerating or simplifying details to make an image your own. Yasmina will also share easy tweaks that you can make to your subject’s fundamental shapes to create more emotional, complex, or approachable drawings – whatever you want to express!
  • Facial drawings. You will apply Yasmina’s three-step process to drawing human faces, breaking down an image into its corresponding shapes and proportions. Then, Yasmina will show you how to change the shapes and features from the reference photo to give your portrait more character and personality.


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You Can Draw Anything! In 3 Simple Steps
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