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Wedding Photography: How To Nail Each Part Of The Day (Documentary-Style)

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Hey everyone!

I remember getting ready to photograph my first wedding six years ago - I WAS SO NERVOUS!

No matter how much I searched online, all the knowledge I could find back then was really technical and talked about how to frame, how to shoot and how to edit. Nowhere actually covered how to approach a wedding day and what to expect. Being a wedding photographer is about so much more than just taking photos, and I wish I'd known that back then.

These are the videos I wish would have been around when I was getting ready for my first wedding. I am going to talk you through an entire wedding I photographed last year, using 50+ examples of photos I took, and share with you how I approach each part of the day to take beautiful, unposed photos. I'm going to tell you how I took the photo and share the technical information behind the image.

The wedding I will be covering was featured on Rock My Wedding earlier this year!

I'm going to cover everything I know about:

  1. How I organise myself for the wedding day

  2. How I conduct my in-person meetings to get all the information that I need

  3. The mindset and guiding principles behind my candid, documentary-style approach

  4. The equipment that I use and how I use it

  5. How I approach the entire wedding day, part by part

Whether you are:

A confident and experienced wedding photographer with your own business and approach

Have never photographed a wedding before but feel comfortable around a camera

Have done a few weddings and you want to learn as much as possible

Simply curious about wedding photography and have an hour to spare

I believe that you will find something in this course helpful!

Weddings are entirely unpredictable by nature, and I hope that by watching this class you will gain the tools needed to approach any situation with confidence.

Let's jump into it!

Are you looking for a studio management software to spend less time dealing with emails and more time taking pictures? I have used Studio Ninja for over 2 years and it has transformed my business. Use code MI149360Y for a 20% discount when signing up.

You can see all the images with their corresponding technical information here. They are all referenced throughout the course.

Want to see what gear I use? Check out my Kit page here.


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Wedding Photography: How To Nail Each Part Of The Day (Documentary-Style)
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