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Watercolour Basics: Water Control

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Welcome to this class on one of the fundamental and basic topic with watercolours!

When trying to paint with watercolours, and working on the wet on wet technique , it is quite difficult to keep the paper wet for a longer duration of time as well as trying to understand the water to paint ratio on the paper especially if you are a beginner. So I have designed this class today to help you in understanding all the factors that affect water control and to make you gain that essential skill of controlling water when painting with watercolours.

When I started out with watercolours, I didn’t know how much water to apply to the paper and I spent months trying to figure out the exact paint to water ratio that I needed to apply. This class is something I wish existed when I started out my journey with watercolours.

I have tried to cover all the major factors that you need to be aware of while using water with watercolours. Right from the paper to the brushes and paints, you will get a deeper insight into how it affects the water control on the paper.

The class is short and simple and gives you a thorough insight into the things that you need to take care while applying water to your paper for painting.

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Watercolour Basics: Water Control
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