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Watercolor Your World: A Meditative Approach to Painting Landscapes

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**Have you ever encountered a place that was so awe-inspiring that you wished you could remember it forever?**In this beginner-friendly class, you will learn how to use landscape painting as a tool to help you slow down and document your favorite places. In this class, we'll learn to view painting not as a science, but as an adventure... because nature is perfectly imperfect!

Painting landscapes is a meditative activity. As you sit in front of a landscape, you are given the time and space to fully absorb all the sights, sounds, and feelings of being there. This allows you to better be present in the experience than if you were to quickly snap a photo with your phone and move on.

Nature illustrator Rosalie Haizlett has traveled all over the world with her sketchbook, documenting the unique creatures and landscapes that she encounters. In this class, Rosalie will first show you some techniques for creating a quick landscape watercolor from a photo. Then, she’ll invite you to come along with her as she adventures out to find a new landscape to paint from life… and she’ll give you guidance for creating your own landscape painting from life as well!

In this class, you'll learn how to:

  • Understand the key factors thatmakea great composition
  • Combine ink and watercolor to quickly bring a scene to life
  • Correct mistakes as you go... this is a very forgiving process!
  • Draw and paint the trickier elements of a landscape, from rushing water to shifting skies
  • Photograph your finished sketch in an aesthetically pleasing way to share it with the world

This class is for everyone, regardless of talent or previous art experience. So grab your paints and get ready for an art adventure!


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Watercolor Your World: A Meditative Approach to Painting Landscapes
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