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Watercolor Travel: Develop Your Style in 14 Days of Landscape Painting

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Are you ready to find your very own personal painting style?

In this class, I will take you through 14 days of self-discovery, practice and watercolor exploration as we paint diverse landscapes from 14 amazing destinations around the world!

Taking this 14 day challenge, will help you:

Build a consistent painting habit which is essential in developing your painting skills.

Secondly, you will overcome the fear of starting and the pressure to paint something perfect. when you take the pressure off your shoulders, you don’t just enjoy painting, but the artwork itself reflects your joy as an artist!

And lastly, you will develop your very own personal painting style as you fully understand the mind of watercolor.

On each prompt, I will explain in detail how and when to apply different watercolor strokes and techniques to help you evaluate your unique painting style after the 14 day challenge.

I'm sure you are ready to travel the world in watercolor with me! Let's jump in!

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Watercolor Travel: Develop Your Style in 14 Days of Landscape Painting
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