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Watercolor Landscapes: Painting with Modern Watercolor Techniques

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Welcome to my Watercolor Landscapes: Painting with Modern Watercolor Techniques Class!

In this Skillshare class, I will teach you to paint Natural landscapes with watercolor. Diving into each modern technique as a starting point, you will gain hands-on understanding of the fundamentals of watercolor and learn to paint landscape in a way that captures the mood and atmosphere.

I will guide you on the materials you need to get started. From choosing the appropriate paper, mixing the right colors and the essential brushes to create a painting.

I will teach you how to understand the subject, plan your painting and how to draw a basic pencil sketch.

I will journey you through the most essential techniques of watercolor then we will move on to putting them in to practice by painting two natural landscapes that capture the essence of the moment.

The first class project, a glowing flower against a bokeh background, you will learn to portray light and create the blurred background effect through color lifting and blending.

The second project is an autumn landscape made with burst of colors. You will learn to depict foliage through expressive strokes and blend of colors and how to add depth and texture on stonebridge.

In this class, we will start from scratch, so you wont need any previous knowledge but a lot of desire to learn and explore.

Join me and learn how to capture nature with watercolors. ll teach you the process step by step. They’ll be really fun, a bit stretching but definitely you'll get rewarding results!

See you in class!

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Watercolor Landscapes: Painting with Modern Watercolor Techniques
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