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Urban Nature Journaling: 7 Days of Artistic Prompts

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In this class, nature illustrator and watercolor artist Rosalie Haizlett will transport you to the sidewalks of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to look for nature's artistic inspiration in an urban environment. Over the course of a week, she’ll offer a fun, stress-free new prompt each day to help you find, observe, and depict the natural wonders that can be found in your everyday surroundings.

Nature journaling is the practice of following where our curiosity leads in the outdoors and creatively documenting our discoveries. This activity encourages us to step away from our phones and enjoy the process of learning for the sake of learning. It allows us to discover unexpected natural treasures right in our neighborhoods and practice our art skills at the same time.

We will use a variety of mixed media supplies to develop our nature journal pages, so whatever materials you have on hand will work! This class is for everyone, regardless of talent or previous art experience. This class is not about creating a beautiful, frame-worthy painting. Instead, it’s about developing a curious, creative mindset!

In this course, you'll learn how to:

  • Look closely for bits & pieces of nature that exist in an urban environment.
  • Creatively document the natural world around you through 7 different lenses.
  • Begin a playful, non-intimidating nature journaling practice that you can take with you long into the future.

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Urban Nature Journaling: 7 Days of Artistic Prompts
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