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Treating people with an intellectual developmental disability (IDD)

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Individuals with Intellectual Developmental Disability (IDD) and their family face many difficulties in their lives.

The IDD Treatment Course is intended for parents, caregivers, and students in health professions. The course presents fundamental concepts in the field and describes several common syndromes. The course also presents the grim history of individuals with IDD and their situation across the world today.

Later, students will encounter individuals with IDD and the challenges they and their families face. After a description of currently accepted treatments such as Snoezelen therapy, physiotherapy, and occupational therapy, students will encounter directions in this field.

The course presents a person with IDD and provides students with a peek into his world, as an introduction to deepening their knowledge of this field.

  • Who are individuals with IDD like?
  • What challenges do individuals with IDD and their families face?
  • What solutions are offered today to individuals with IDD?
  • What is the future expected to hold for individuals with IDD and their families?
  • You'll leave this course as different people than who you were when you entered!

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Treating people with an intellectual developmental disability (IDD)
13 weeks
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