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Toplining 101: Melody & Lyrics in Songwriting

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Welcome to Toplining 101! In this class we’ll be exploring melody and lyric in songwriting.

Throughout these lessons you’ll learn about what ‘toplining’ actually is, and how to create memorable, meaningful lyrics and melodies in your songs that will connect to both you and your listener!

This class is for anyone and everyone wanting to explore these skills. Whether you are already a producer, an artist or an instrumentalist, or if making music is completely new to you, I’ll be providing you with practical, usable steps and creative inspiration that will become your go to building blocks in developing your own writing style.

Expressing ourselves and connecting with others through music is something that is so powerful and beneficial for both us as the creators and our listeners, but it can be hard to know how to start, especially if we’re just waiting for inspiration to hit us! The skills you’ll learn in this class will teach you how to approach your songs, and how to consistently find your way to a great melody and lyric combination. These are without a doubt the most important elements of a song, and once you have the tools to create them, you can take your song ideas forward in an infinite number of ways!

The only tools needed for this class are somewhere to write (a journal/notebook, computer or even your phone, whatever you prefer) and a device to record your ideas (this can be a microphone and your computer with preferred DAW, or simply a phone with a voice notes app or dictaphone).

For producers taking this class you will using you own beats to write to, and if you play an instrument you will be encouraged to use this – however these are not requirements, so do not worry if neither apply to you!

Having worked in the music industry as a songwriter for nearly ten years now, with artists, producers and fellow writers at every stage of their musical journeys, I’ve learned so much about songwriting and creative process in general that I can't wait to share with you! I’m so excited to explore these writing tools with you and hear that work you create.

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Toplining 101: Melody & Lyrics in Songwriting
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