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Theo-Humanism: God's Ways in Today's World

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We often think that theology divides us since, we assume, theology is based on the beliefs of particular communities. At the same time, while we’re witnessing significant shifts in the demographics of religious belonging, interest in questions of a theological nature remains high.

Humans have long looked to their own experiences for insight into God and God’s ways. This heritage awaits your exploration: writings by Jews, Christians, and Muslims that take up a range of human experiences (friendship, life in society, suffering, pleasure, nature’s relation to us) as theologically productive. We enrich this heritage with modern knowledge--from biology, psychology, philosophy--in viewing the human being as object of theological reflection. In this sense, you’ll discover theology as a scholarly conversation binding together all inquiring minds.

  • Consider theology as a university discipline with relevance for public conversations.

  • See the intersection of theology with all knowledge pursuits.

  • See humanistic literature across cultures as source of wisdom for today’s questions.

  • Think about the workings of your own humanity as arena of divine activity.

  • Broaden your horizons on the nature and purposes of being religious.

  • Identify the importance of doing theology for human growth.

  • Pursue conversations on theological questions with all peoples across the globe.

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Theo-Humanism: God's Ways in Today's World
12 weeks
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