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The Six Stages of Illustration: Leading Clients Through Your Art

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It’s one thing to be able to make great art, but it’s a whole other thing to be able to do this on behalf of other people. The celebrated illustrator Christoph Niemann once said, “Relying on craft and routine is a lot less sexy than being an artistic genius. But it is an excellent strategy for not going insane.” This class aims give you such a strategy!

If you're looking for more strategies for illustrating commercially, for paying clients, this class is for you. Join award-winning Illustrator and Top Teacher Tom Froese as he goes through every stage of his illustration process when working for clients.

What will you learn?

By taking this class, you'll learn:

  • The key stages of the illustration process, from start to finish
  • What (and what not) to focus on at each step along the way
  • How to start an illustration project and set it up for success
  • How to handle tricky client feedback
  • Best practices for keeping projects on track and getting paid

What will you get?

You'll also have exclusive access to Tom's proprietary tools, including:

  • The 6S Filing System
  • A Deck Template to customize and use as your own
  • A printable poster of Tom's 6S Illustration Process

Who is this class for

This class is for anyone working as an illustrator now, or planning on it, who wants to learn more about the steps and stages of the professional illustration process. This is not so much a creative class, and it's business class—it's a strategy class. It's all about how to structure your own creative process so that you can lead clients through it with more confidence!

What skills, experience, or tools you need to take this class?

No special skills or experience are required to take this class, although it will be most relevant to illustrators who have some experience working professionally and would like to be more strategic in their practice. No special tools are required either. The device you are viewing this class on right now is all you'll need. In the class project, you are welcome to do it on your device, or by hand, in a sketchbook or note pad.

Tools: Billing Apps

Tools: Cloud Sharing

  • Google Drive (Offers free and paid plans)
  • iCloud (Built into macOS/iOS with free and paid plans)
  • Dropbox (Offers free and paid plans)
  • WeTransfer (Offers free and paid plans)

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The Six Stages of Illustration: Leading Clients Through Your Art
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