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The Productivity Equation: Design a Balanced and Productive Lifestyle

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Productivity is a state of balance. Push too hard, and you'll burn out. Go too slowly, and nothing will get finished. The goal is to build a sustainable system that allows us to work efficiently over the long run.

We've organized everything we've learned about productivity into a simple equation. If we tend to all 3 pillars-- time, energy, and direction, we can achieve lasting productivity to accomplish more. Many of us spend hours each day contemplating if there is something more productive we should be doing. We stress out about if we're approaching our work or studies appropriately. But by focusing on how to optimize our time, energy, and direction, we can confidently pursue our interests and fully relax in our time off.

In this course, we'll address a variety of topics. We'll discuss our unique framework for time management. We'll explore the best practices for nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, and sleep. And teach how to tune into goal-oriented work that moves us forward while eliminating distractions. The skills in this course will permeate all other aspects of your life. Whether you're a student struggling to keep up with your studies and social life, or a parent struggling with work-life responsibilities, this course will help you find meaningful productivity.

There are no software or tech requirements for this course. You will get the most out of it simply by coming in with an open mind, and be ready to have fun in the process!

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The Productivity Equation: Design a Balanced and Productive Lifestyle
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