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The Complete DJ Course For Beginners: A Full Step By Step Guide To DJing

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Course Overview:

This course is designed to be a simple step by step guide to DJing that you can easily follow along with.

All the music that is used in this course is available for you to download for free, in the resources below this video.

This means you get included over 20 free music tracks to mix along with over 30 guided mix tutorials.

If you want to learn to DJ with this course it will be a whole lot easier because you can practice along in real time and do the exact same mixes and techniques as I do in the course.

Course Layout:

Quick Set Up - The course starts off with how to do a quick set up of your DJ software, including both DJ softwares of Rekordbox and Serato. This will make it a lot easier for you to learn and to follow along with the course by having the correct settings and layout on your DJ software.

The Structure Of Music - Without knowing how music is structured, it is not possible to DJ effectively. This is where we will create the foundation that you need to be able to DJ properly.

Beat Matching -  This is when you get the speeds and beats of two tracks in time with each other, so they sounds good together and are ready to mix with.

Guided Mix Tutorials - This is when we will learn all the different ways how to mix our tracks together. These are all done with guided video tutorials that you can follow along with in real time, going from complete beginner mixes using correct basic timing, all the way up to advanced mixes using hot cues, loops and FX.

About The Instructor:

My name is DJ Jak Bradley and I have over 10 years experience and DJed all round the world, including places such as Thailand, Australia, France, England and my latest residency for the last 5 years in Greece, where I have DJed the for the biggest clubs, boat parties, pool parties and festivals

I have a huge range of DJ experience, and in this course I don’t hold anything back.

I share with you all of my DJ techniques, tips and tricks that I have learnt over the years. so you too can be a successful DJ

So without further a due, if you want to learn the best DJ techniques, let's get started and jump straight into the course.

Don’t forget to download your free DJ music pack from the class project that includes all the songs used in the course so you can practice along with me.

See you on the course…

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The Complete DJ Course For Beginners: A Full Step By Step Guide To DJing
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