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The Busy Creative: 3 Quick & Easy Drawing Exercises to Spark Creativity

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Have you ever found yourself being so busy that creativity just has to take the backseat? If you barely have time to pick-up a pen, can you carve-out some creative time for yourself? The answer is yes, with these bite-size drawing exercises!

Don’t worry, whether you are struggling with work-life balance or wrangling a toddler or two, iIllustrator, art director (and new mum) Amandine Thomas will help you build a creative routine from scratch. With quick exercises that will easily slot into your busy schedule, putting aside a few minutes every day just to be creative won’t be as hard as you think!

Not convinced yet? Well, here is what you will learn in this class:

  • How to get started, even when life gets a bit overwhelming
  • How to create space, every day, to reconnect with your creative self
  • How to master three easy, quick and practical ways to build a creative routine from scratch

From busy beginners with an urge to draw, to creative pros who just don’t have time to make art for themselves anymore, this class is for anyone who would like to use drawing as a quick and easy daily creative practice. All you need to get started is whatever tools you can get your hands on, and just a few minutes of your precious time!

So, ready to dive in?

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The Busy Creative: 3 Quick & Easy Drawing Exercises to Spark Creativity
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