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Technical Analysis ( True Demand & Supply strategy and liquidation zones) + 1 Free Ebook

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Over a couple of years, l have been actively involved in the stocks, forex, futures, and crypto industry(online trading in general). I spent sleepless nights researching how the market moves and who drives it. As many of us would agree it's the big money (banks, big institutions, and huge hedge funds ). However, I realized knowing this was not enough to be successful as a retail trader. I was convinced there was a missing piece that could make my trading results stable. It was knowing exactly where and when the big money(banks and institutions) was active and where they are executing orders.

90 percent of retail traders lose money in the markets but this is not true for the Big money.  Therefore knowing where the Big money definitely alleviates the risk of trading against them and losing. Remember institutions have access to exclusive information, data, news(Reuters, Bloomberg, etc) that the average retailer doesn't have access to and can not afford. With this in mind, trading along with the institution is the best option for you and me. The best way is to not where the smart money is through supply and demand imbalances. Take note this concept is 100% logical and unfamiliar with most retailers.

The course explains everything about supply and demand in detail at the core technical strategy segment which is also the main part of the course. You can literally see where big banks and institutions are entering their buy and sell orders. Please focus and pay special attention.

NB the course was designed in a way where we picked examples from the forex market, index funds, and commodities. However, the strategy itself can be applied to all financial markets especially stock index funds ie NAS 100 . It's important to note that different markets have different results with the strategy.

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Technical Analysis ( True Demand & Supply  strategy  and liquidation zones) + 1 Free Ebook
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