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Target your audience. Get found online

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In the world of business, one needs to engage and interact with customers for them to know your business exists, which happens to be step one. For people to work with you or purchase your products, they have to envision the advantage of being in this partnership. The major drive for them is the need to improve an aspect of their lives by acquiring what you offer. Therefore, through content, you can articulate the ways you meet these needs.

In this class, we will explore how to best interact with customers using content, how to identify individuals with the best potential to benefit from your content, and how to sound convincing enough for your content and business in general to prosper. Harness the power of content by creating a space where potential customers can identify themselves in your business.

This class will examine different parts of your SEO and ways to connect with your target audience. The thought process behind acquiring services and products, and the push to choose one business over another that offers similar products.

By the end of this course, you should be able to do the following:

1. Create your content marketing strategy

2. Identify potential customers’ demographics by studying past customer characteristics and behaviors

3. Construct relevant content targeting specific audiences

4. Explain the various stages of a customer’s journey from the time they first encounter your business to the time they make a purchase

5. Pinpoint factors that lead to selling your good or services for example your location, working hours, and benefits.

6. Pinpoint factors that prevent selling your goods or services

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Target your audience. Get found online
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