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Sustainable Supply Chain Planning, Sourcing, and Procurement

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SCCP02 is designed to further your understanding of advanced Supply Chain concepts and practices. As a current or future professional in either the Supply Chain or Sustainability sector, the course will build upon your background on both Sustainability and Supply Chain. However, this course will dive into both business and material planning that is required to foster a Sustainable Supply Chain. The course demonstrates the importance of Sustainable Sourcing as a precursor to core Supply Chain processes such as Manufacturing, Warehousing, and Distribution. The course includes detailed education and examples of the role of inventory in Sustainable Supply Chains and innovations that can be implemented to transform traditional linear Supply Chain models to Circular Supply Chain where possible.

This course is one of the three ISCEA Sustainability Supply Chain courses offered on edX to prepare the leaners for the Globally Recognized, ISCEA Certified Sustainable Supply Chain Professional (CSSCP) Designation. To pursue the Official ISCEA CSSCP Certification, ISCEA requires the successful completion of the Official CSSCP Exam. The ISCEA certification can be acquired to advance Sustainable Supply Chain Management skills of professional in any industry or global market.

The completion of the three edX courses does not designate CSSCP, but satisfies the enforced prerequisite required for CSSCP Exam registration. The learners can apply a "credit" equal to the fees paid to edX for this course when registering for the CSSCP Exam with ISCEA.

ISCEA, the International Supply Chain Education Alliance was the first organization on the globe certifying supply chain managers, and it remains the worldwide authoritative resource for Supply Chain career validation with thousands of certificate holders commanding top-tier salaries.

  • The role of inventory in determining Sustainability and efficiency of Supply Chain function
  • How to strategically use business planning and material planning to promote an efficient, yet circular flow
  • Understand the importance maintaining competitive advantage in the market
  • Implementation of sustainable sourcing and procurement policies within the Supply Chain as a necessary step to achieve sustainability goals and meet environmental performance goals set by International Standards (i.e. United Nations Sustainable Development Goals)
  • Maintain supplier relationships using sustainable, green purchasing
  • Reduce contribution to environmental issues through implemented sustainable procurement, contract management, and project management
  • Utilize sustainable raw materials and renewable energy within Supply Chain strategy

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Sustainable Supply Chain Planning, Sourcing, and Procurement
4 weeks
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