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Street Photography: Unlock the Secrets of Composition, Color & Confidence

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Discover the beauty of the world around you with a fresh, accessible approach to street photography!

Join photographer Craig Whitehead to learn how to shoot and edit unforgettable street scenes wherever you live. Drawing on his fine art background, Craig shares simple steps to elevate everyday moments by focusing on color, composition, and contrast. Designed for anyone with curiosity and a camera, each hands-on lesson builds on the last to help you develop the mindset and eye of a street photographer.

From the streets of Manhattan to the studio, you’ll learn how to:

  • Navigate new locations, adapting to changes in light and weather
  • Pick up on patterns to predictinteresting scenes before they happen
  • Compose your frame around color and shape, rather than people
  • Select and edit shots that speak to a unique moment in time

Plus, each step is packed with useful tips and tricks developed over Craig’s journey from learning photography on his lunch break to shooting in cities around the world.

Whether you’re a first-time photographer with an iPhone or an experienced DSLR shooter looking to add a unique style to your portfolio, Craig’s approach will change the way you see the world. Follow along and in just under an hour you’ll unlock your confidence, hone your eye, and discover a new creative outlet—right outside your door!

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Street Photography: Unlock the Secrets of Composition, Color & Confidence
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