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Street Photography Composition: 5 Techniques for Standout Photos

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Ready to take your street photography to the next level? Harness the power of composition to turn everyday scenes into extraordinary images!

Iconic street photos don't happen by accident. You need patience, a trained eye, and solid composition. Join photographer Craig Whitehead (@sixstreetunder), as he steps off the street and into the studio to reveal the techniques that have helped him elevate his photos from mere documentation to fine art. Drawing from years of his archives, Craig reverse engineers five critical concepts that will help you create standout photos with intention, instead of by chance.

Detailed examples and exercises will help you:

  • Refine your eye for stronger compositions
  • Recognize the right time and place to capture images
  • Find lighting and color to improve your shots
  • Predict and prepare for interesting scenes before they happen

Plus, learn why certain photos evoke emotion while others fall flat, and how to apply those techniques to next time you hit the pavement.

Whether you’re a first-time photographer with an iPhone or an experienced DSLR shooter looking to develop your signature style, Craig’s approach will open the door to a whole new world. Follow along and in 60 minutes you’ll hone your eye, unlock your imagination, and learn how to tell a story in every image!


Craig’s class is great for street photographers at all levels, whether you’re shooting for the first time or have a hefty archive. No materials are needed, although you’re welcome to follow along with photos from your collection. The concepts and exercises apply to whatever camera you’re most comfortable with.

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Street Photography Composition: 5 Techniques for Standout Photos
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