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Stock Market Fundamentals: Stock Order Types

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Are you curious about the following:

  • How the stock market works?
  • How the stock exchange manages to match the buyers against the sellers?
  • How is the price of the stock changing every second?
  • What can you do to get a better control on the price of stock you want to buy or sell?

Have you been wanting to learn more about the different types of stock buy and sell orders available to investors? You are in luck! We have created a course that is perfect for anyone who wants to know all their buying and selling options, their advantages and disadvantages.

With well paced lectures and whiteboard sessions, this course "Stock Market Fundamentals: Stock Order Types" will be a cakewalk for you.

There are no prerequisites for this course, except knowing what a stock is :) Bonus points if you have traded stocks before.

By the end of course, you will know the fundamentals and use cases of different types of stock orders like the back of your hand and will be able to use them in real life wisely.

The course includes video content worth less than an hour, broken down into 8 lessons. We will cover the following topics in the course.

  • How the stock Market Works
  • What is a 'Bid' Price and 'Ask' Price?
  • What is a 'Spread'?
  • What is a 'Market Order'?
  • What is a 'Limit Order' and what are the pros and cons and use cases for limit orders?
  • Stop Price - how does it work when you want to buy or sell shares?
  • Trailing Stop Orders - What are the benefits of letting a price difference determine the buying or selling price of a stock?
  • What is market liquidity and why does it matter?
  • Who is a market maker and what is its role?

See you in the course!

Sumeet Sinha, MBA

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Stock Market Fundamentals: Stock Order Types
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