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Start your Side Hustle; How to build your first Squarespace website

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Start your Side Hustle today, create an outlet for your creativity and a place to share what you love, what drives you, what gets you out of bed in the morning.

Starting with a beginners introduction to designing and building a website with Squarespace, let's make a start together today and build your very own beautiful and simple website, be it a gallery style for showcasing your photography or a blog to document each delicious new recipe you develop or the adventurous places you visit at the weekends, let's build your Side Hustle together.

Squarespace is a brilliant platform for building your first site, optimised for mobile, desktop and tablet, you only need to create one site and Squarespace does the rest of the work for you to ensure your site works across any device. With options for adding an eCommerce shop to your site too, we can future-proof the work we do today with the potential for growth in the future.

You don’t need any specific skills to take this class, just a passion that you want to share with others and spend more time on yourself! The class project will ease us in gently starting with finding and analysing inspiration so when we come to build our site, most of the difficult decisions are already made!

Squarespace have just released a mobile app too, so now you can manage your site, create content and edit on the go. Keep your passions alive with a quick edit or upload in-between meetings or on the train home.

Once you've built your website foundations, head to my next class Grow Your Side Hustle; Branding & Design for your Squarespace website to learn how to create your own personal branding and apply that to the design of your Squarespace website.

This class is based on using Squarespace version 7.0. If you have created a Squarespace account since January 2020 you will be automatically assigned a Squarespace website on version 7.1. In order to launch a website in version 7.0 and follow this class use the link below to head to the original template store for Squarespace 7.0.

Link for Squarespace 7.0 Template Store

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Start your Side Hustle; How to build your first Squarespace website
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