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Start Drawing: 3 Fun, Freeing Exercises to Spark Your Creativity

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Often the hardest part of being creative is getting started. Overcome that hurdle and let loose in this fun, accessible class from artist Carly Kuhn!

Before gaining Instagram acclaim for her elegant and whimsical line drawings, Carly was an office worker doodling at her desk. While she didn’t think of herself as an artist, she felt compelled to create, often returning to simple line drawing exercises that gave her the freedom to play and experiment without judgement. Today, Carly uses these same exercises whenever she needs an infusion of inspiration or an excuse to start drawing—and you can do the same!

Take 45 minutes to turn off your inner critic and unleash your most creative self, as Carly guides you through easy exercises to create a one-of-a-kind art piece for your home.

Using just a pen and paper, you’ll explore:

  • Drawing with your non-dominant hand and without looking at your paper
  • Trusting yourself, embracing flaws, and letting go of judgement
  • Mixing and matching exercises to develop your own style

To finish, Carly shares simple steps to incorporate your illustrations into your space, revealing the styling tips and tricks she uses to make her own home more conducive to creativity.

Whether you’re looking to bust block, explore a new style, or just have some fun, by the end you’ll have a renewed appreciation for your own creative imagination, plus a meaningful daily reminder displayed in your home. Join in and get drawing!


Looking for more? Build on these exercises in Carly's next class, where you'll combine illustration, text, and found material to create a one-of-a-kind greeting card for a loved one!

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Start Drawing: 3 Fun, Freeing Exercises to Spark Your Creativity
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