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Start a Playful Collection of Drawing Games

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This class is a creative journey which offers you to experiment with a variety of drawing games, such as gesture drawings, continuous line drawings, drawings with your non dominant hand and even with your both hands together, blind drawings, drawings from different angles, drawings of the negative space, mixed medias drawings, scissors drawings and eraser drawings, combining printmaking and drawing, drawing with unusual tools, playing with colours, textures and different mediums...

Those drawing games will help you to :

- improve your drawing skills in a playful way

- overcome any creative block

- enrich your creative language

- make giant steps towards your signature style

By the end of this class you will be able to experiment with each of those drawing and creative techniques and choose those you would love to incorporate in your own artwork.

We hope this creative journey will be the beginning of your own playful collection of drawing games.


- You can work on separate sheets of paper or in a sketchbook

- Pen, pencil, eraser, glue, scissors

- Home-found or nature found-items for drawing and printmaking : an eye-dropper, wooden sticks, feathers, a candle, a rag, a sponge, bubble wrap, nets (from citrus bags, for example) ...

- Watercolours,

- Acrylic paints or Tempera

- Two containers with water (in one of them keep always clean water)

- 2 brushes of different size

- A variety of drawing tools of your choice: colour pencils, oil pastels or water soluble wax pastels

- Watercolour paper or mixed media paper

- White construction paper

- Different recycled papers (gift wrap papers, textured papers, newspaper or magasine papers...)

Note: You don't have to have all of the materials that I will use, neither the same as mine. I would recommend you to look at what you have already at home and start experimenting with what is already easily available for you. Just be sure to have a variety of mediums to experiment with.


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Start a Playful Collection of Drawing Games
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