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Speech Writing: Develop a fantastic content for your next speech

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What's the hardest part about any speech? What in the world am I going to speak? Whats gonna be my content!

Content is king right? no! not just king but kingdom! People remember you for the message you leave, Martin Luther King had "I have a dream", Had " one step in the moon, one step in humanity" What is going to be your message?

Has it ever happened with you that you sit to write a speech.. Everything from the cold milk in the fridge to old socks that you have to throw, how your friend insulted you!  Everything comes to head but no ideas whatsoever, finally when you write a speech somehow and perform, your audience responds with complete boredom and this cycle goes to and fro everytime you have to give a speech!

This course is all about helping you develop your content for speech in a way that is very impactful and persuasive.

You will learn-

1)Myths and Importance of content in public speaking

2)How to create a mind-blowing opening for your speech

3)How to develop a persuasive and convincing body for your speech

4)How to end and conclude your speech in a spectacular way

5)The best practices to develop authority in your speech

6)Powerful ways to build a connection with audience

7)CIDER Test to check the quality of your speech

8)5S Method to make your speech memorable for audience

Along with these you'll further learn various other techniques and tactics to improve your content writing skills in public speaking.

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Speech Writing: Develop a fantastic content for your next speech
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