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Social Media Marketing Strategy 101 | Create a Winning Strategy

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This course is a fun and exciting introduction to strategy - on the most fun corners of the internet - social media! I have mentored many strategists and aspiring strategists to tackle questions like "what should our business be doing online" or "how do we fare against our competitors" with simple steps that provoke both thought and action!

My teaching style is informal and packed with a variety of content formats which include Google Slides Templates, Google Sheets templates, software suggestions, free hacks and - a copy of an ebook which covers all the nuances of each social media platform.

Think of me like an agony aunt - for questions like "how many hashtags should I use?" "How on earth do I make a reel?" Or "what new technology should I be aware of?" I love teaching social media strategy in a way that's robust, relevant and fun - so be prepared for a lot of tips, tricks and hacks!

I provide actionable steps and suggestions that are currently working for my clients, in the hopes that we can learn in the most collaborative way possible.

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Social Media Marketing Strategy 101 | Create a Winning Strategy
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