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Social Media for Creatives: Five Exercises to Power Your Freelance Career

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Conquer the overwhelm of social media and harness its power to build a thriving creative business!

Let’s face it. Social media can be pretty daunting, especially for creatives hoping to navigate emerging platforms, conflicting advice, and the dreaded algorithm to somehow earn a living online. Enter creative mastermind Andy J. Pizza, back with another inspiring and insightful class that lays out a new approach to social media success: a step-by-step process that's effective, manageable, and even fun.

Built on Andy's experience as a multi-hyphenate creator, this framework removes the pressure and transforms social media into a tool for achieving your goals—whether you're hoping to go freelance, build your brand, or just find a community that's obsessed with your artwork.

Hands-on exercises will help you focus your efforts on the platforms you already use, and navigate new ones strategically. Together with Andy, you'll work through:

  • Identifying and engaging with the right audience
  • Creating content that your supporters loves
  • Turning casual followers into official subscribers
  • Building a loyal and profitable fanbase

Plus, Andy challenges the myths of social media success with fantastical examples that prove you don't have to go viral (or even be on TikTok!) to get the most out of today's online world.

Regardless of your medium, platform, or follower count, by the end of this 90 min class you’ll unlock a healthy, positive approach to social media that spares your mental health and gets you one step closer to building the creative career of your dreams!


This is a class for any creative practitioner looking to build a fanbase and steady stream of income online. Apply the lessons to your medium of choice, whether that’s illustration, photography, design, writing, or music. While Andy focuses on platforms that are relevant today like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter, the process is designed to fit whatever platforms you use (and ones that are on the horizon). Download the board game, and worksheets in the class resource section to follow along.

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Social Media for Creatives: Five Exercises to Power Your Freelance Career
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